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This site provides background on the Foundation’s mission and information on upcoming Carl McCain Memorial Foundation events. It is also an on-line avenue to link to donating to the foundation, event registration, event payment and event donations/sponsorships.

Foundation Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make financial grants to, or on behalf of, individuals and families who have worked in the domestic energy industry and who are financially burdened by medical expenses. In order to qualify for financial assistance, applicants must meet employment and financial criteria as established by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Financial grants pay for a broad range of health-related expenses that would otherwise be beyond the financial capability of the applicant. Assistance from the Foundation helps mitigate applicants’ stress and allow them to focus their energy on handling the difficult medical challenges they are facing.

The Foundation's success in helping others is a direct result of your personal and corporate support. Your continued support is vital to ensuring its success into the future. It is continuously humbling to witness this industry rally in support of The Foundation and its mission.  The Industry taking care of its own!


We encourage you to attend our fun events to network with others in the industry while at the same time supporting the Carl McCain Memorial Foundation!

Our fundraising events, along with corporate and individual donations, have allowed the Foundation to distribute more than $10 million in aid grants to individuals and families in need. 

We rely 100% on support from our sponsors, underwriters and individuals who sustain our mission with donations of money, time and talents.

The Foundation is a tax exempt, publicly supported organization in accordance with Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3).  Tax exempt ID #74-2049959.

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